So Dream

img_20180528_101544962_burst0011Ir’s a beautiful thing to dream. You hold those thoughts close to your heart. Sometimes seeming far-fetched. However, when you entertain your dreams you smile. The thought of allowing your tongue to give voice to your dream seems somewhat intimidating. Yet in cautious pursuit, you begin to walk towards your dream, Sometimes the road is straight and then at times it curves. So you continue to walk a step at a time. a thought at a time, a meeting at a time, Yet it is the road you travel.So dream,

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Gail Johnson's faith and family play a significant role in her life. She has a passion to serve others. Her career spans 30 plus years in serving many. Her goal is to enrich, empower and embrace lives. Enrich the lives of the reader through the words written on the tablet of their heart, and to add greater value and significance, by learning life's lessons. Empower the reader to dream and to write those dreams in a journal, and develop a plan of action. Embrace life's journey and experiences thereby defining your uniqueness to share with the world. As always I am sending you blue skies.

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