A glimpse of me

I penned this prose while  serving as a Child Welfare Specialist for IL Department of Children and Family Services:

They tell their stories with anger and despair, they speak harshly you feel the unforgiveness in their tones.

They lash out that is what they understand.

They shriek back in fear, with tear-stained faces.

They fight with rage uncontrolled  No one hears their cries no not even I,

No one cares, for they have been raped, abandoned, beaten unto an inch of their lives and told they were nothing.

Their self-esteem does not exist.

They are a shallow of what they could become.

They know nothing about hope.

Tormented minds, lost dreams enveloped in their world of despair.

And yea their I sit with pen and paper in hand, advising.

admonishing and at times encouraging and on a good day, I listened and look into their eyes…….. and by the grace of God there go I.







Published by waitinginthewingsseries

Gail Johnson's faith and family play a significant role in her life. She has a passion to serve others. Her career spans 30 plus years in serving many. Her goal is to enrich, empower and embrace lives. Enrich the lives of the reader through the words written on the tablet of their heart, and to add greater value and significance, by learning life's lessons. Empower the reader to dream and to write those dreams in a journal, and develop a plan of action. Embrace life's journey and experiences thereby defining your uniqueness to share with the world. As always I am sending you blue skies.

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    1. Hey, Jodee, you are welcome. It is something about serving others. It makes you take a look in the mirror and recognize who you are. It may not be so pretty at times. But thank God for his unmerited loving favor. For our journey to serve

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