Lifestyle Change: Follow up, Olivia’s Quest: The Question?

img_20180716_175207145What is your agenda? Ask yourself this important question. This is important to know what inspires you to make the lifestyle change. Now whatever the reason is,
be sure that you can look in the mirror and accept your real. In other words your reality.

Olivia’s quest was simply to always wear a size 8 or size 10. Acceptance from others is important to her. Her dress size helped define her self esteems. Yes it may seem shallow to some and appreciated by others. However that is where she lived. Honestly, that is where I lived along life’s journey And acceptance is integral to her life, and to others and this had become her why. It was simply her mindset.

To gain a pound is truly not the end all of her hopes and dreams.
Nor should that define herself worth.

The most important thing is this accept you for who you are. We all come in different shapes sizes ,hues. And we all are beautiful. Look in the mirror
which is a reflection of you. Lets face it we all were not designed to wear a size rwo.I know that I was not.

Beauty is not always what you see. I believe the true beauty is the inner beauty . Which will shine forth whether you are a size 48 or a size two. Enjoy who you are.
Do not define yourself by what you believe to be beauty. Beauty is courage, strength,tenacity,integrity, peace, compassion,love. Just to name a few. Your dress size does not define your beauty , Perhaps you are at your dream size I celebrate and applaud you. Yet there is so much more of you to celebrate.

I admit I am from the Kumbaya generation,smile. This morning I’m feeling reflective.
If we accept ourselves then we are on a journey that will bring our lives pure joy, I’m on that journey, Smile.
Have a great weekend. Talk with you all next week. Take good care.

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