Relaunch & Rebranding the dream Waiting in the Wings Series

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Hey, for those who haven’t met me! I’d like to introduce myself! I am the author of the Waiting in the Wings Series…. My name is Gail Johnson and I am excited, thrilled, and humbled to relaunch Waiting in the Wings; Book 1. And Waiting in the Wings: The Decision was made in 72 hours; Book 2. Even as I pen this press release Stepping out in Faith Book 3 is in process.      PLEASE NOTE THE DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED to March 30,2019 . My dear husband brother passed and the memorial service is on March 23, 2019.

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Waiting in the Wings Series Presents:
An Afternoon with An Author
Date: March 30, 2019
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Venue: 1124 4th Avenue Living Faith Tabernacle Annex Rockford, IL 61104

This is a 10 book series that will reintroduce to some and introduce to other readers, Olivia and Marco. They grew up on the south side of their community with a gentle hint of the 815. Olivia Lin Marie Laswell is a young black professional whose passion is serving children and families. Marco Tataliano is a savvy businessman who has mapped out his future as a man who acquires wealth, on his own terms. Both have a love and devotion to their families. And although they are culturally diverse, they have a zest for life that is not to be tamed by the status quo.

When their worlds collide, it is a journey they never imagined. Their love affair is not the real love affair they anticipated. It is a mystery inside of a mystery…. This is the catalyst that will define their destiny.

About the Author:
Gail is a native Rockfordian, who attended Rockford East High School.A graduate of Rock Valley College, she earned her Associates of Arts Degree, She graduated from Judson University where she earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Human Services,Gail completed ministerial training through Banner of Truth International Ministries.


Waiting in the Wings

“Olivia—Your friend, your neighbor, or maybe you, is filled with unrecognized love and compassion. When you meet Liv, you will love her.” — Charlene Adams

Waiting in the Wings: The Decision was made in 72 hours

Waiting in the Wings delivered a compelling follow-up to the first installment of these series. It is an intriguing book that highlights the different battles that we all face within our journey in life. Gail did an astonishing job taking the reader on a ride through the inner working of high society, and the power of prayer. the novel only grabs your attention with the characters journey but it keeps you guessing to the very end.

Kesha Ford

Waiting in the Wings Series: The Decision was made in 72 hours

Just the title got me immediately and had me intrigued. Once I began reading and met Live. I did not want to put it down. I wanted to see her make the right decisions and win in life as if she were my own sister or best friend. I cannot wait to find out where the next season of her journey of faith takes her.

Robin M. Castillo

As always sending you blue skies

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Gail Johnson's faith and family play a significant role in her life. She has a passion to serve others. Her career spans 30 plus years in serving many. Her goal is to enrich, empower and embrace lives. Enrich the lives of the reader through the words written on the tablet of their heart, and to add greater value and significance, by learning life's lessons. Empower the reader to dream and to write those dreams in a journal, and develop a plan of action. Embrace life's journey and experiences thereby defining your uniqueness to share with the world. As always I am sending you blue skies.

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