The Art of Joy


 Happy New Year!

       Welcome! to January 1, 2022. My prayer for you and your loved ones, is there be a double portion of joy released in your lives this year in Jesus’ name! Also Welcome to the Art of Joy where I will dialogue with you about the art of joy. Now the title is inspired by the Holy Spirit the Creative Genius from within. There are so many ways when I think about the creative genius from within take the word  Art I think of a blank canvas that creates witty inventions. The blank canvass that pens prose. The blank canvass that tells their story as they pen a novella The blank Canvass that pens a rap song or ballad. The blank canvas that takes the paintbrush and creates a beautiful sunset. The blank canvass that records a song. The blank canvas that creates beautiful hairstyles. The blank canvass that troubleshoots designs. My list truly is not complete I could go on, for the sake of time. The Art of joy simply practices joy. Make this your day-to-day practice.

               Hi, all my name is Gail Johnson, and I’m the owner of Cultural Concepts, a Christian publishing firm, where I publish my works (books). My prayer is to someday help publish authors that need to release a voice through their writings in the earth. For those that follow me know, I always end all communications with:

“As always sending you Blue Skies”  I believe this releases joy to all!

         I love words but what author doesn’t ( smile). With that said let’s look at the definition of the word joy, from the online Merriam-WebsterDictionary: Essential meaning of joy:

1. a feeling of great happiness an example is; Their sorrow turned into joy.  

2. a source or cause of great happiness: something or someone that gives joy to someone, an example; The flowers are a joy to behold! What a joy it was to see her again.

 3. The expression or exhibition of such emotion: Gaiety

 British, informal: success in doing, finding, or getting something, an example:  “You’ve spent hours looking for it. Any joy? [=luck]” “No joy whatsoever, I’m afraid. I can’t find it.

Joy is a verb: intransitive verb: to experience great pleasure or delight: REJOICE 

1. transitive verb: archaic: GLADDEN 2 archaic: ENJOY

      Now that I’ve established the definition of joy let’s go a little further and unpack fun information concerning joy.

        The word joy is mentioned 102 times in the Old Testament and in the  New Testament 63 times.  In Hebrew, the word for joy is  Simcha (Sim-Kaw)  which means joy, gladness, or mirth. It’s been several years ago I was simply looking up words, now this brings me joy (smile). I discovered my name in Hebrew means joy! This discovery thrilled me and I shared this information with anyone who would listen( lol). Gail is a girl’s name with Hebrew origin meaning “joy.” This is a beautiful testament pf His love.

      Joy is this wonderful gift that releases freedom to all who are blessed of the Lord. O taste and see that the Lord is good and yes His mercies endure forever O for the joy of the Lord is my strength In our weakness his joy encircles us like a swaddled baby. He rejoices over us with songs of deliverance. Joy is the tangible evidence of Salvation it is an attribute handed down from God through his son Jesus Christ. This joy is limitless. This Joy is sustaining this joy never ends.      

         Never let go of your joy it is a gift from God. We are the church and the church resides in us. Wow. The  Kingdom of God has set up residence in our inward parts through the person the Holy Spirit. The deposit of joy is a limitless joy that cant be bought or sold.  As some people say “It’s in there.”

       Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice, let your gentleness be made known to men. When we operate in the Joy of the Lord that will truly draw people to us!  We want people to receive this same joy we experience day to day month to month and year to year,   We want to be approachable. The other day I had to pick up some groceries. A woman was checking out in front of me. She had a cartload of food. I thought then I asked her .”You’re going to cook all those dishes. It sparked a conversation and she shared and I shared we laughed and continued our conversation. The lady that was checking out her purchases made a comment. She said” It is sure nice to see happiness and laughter. The three of us continued laughing and talking. Now I don’t know if either one of those ladies were Believers. If they weren’t I was able to leave a lasting positive impression and release joy, Not to say this is always the case and I miss it sometimes. 

    We are the light of the world, so our light should shine wherever we are planted. The marketplace, the workplace, the strip mall, at the movies in the classroom. At the grocery store in your neighborhood, at a book signing, and of course within the confines of the church building

Joy is the product of a surrendered life, that no matter what comes our way we can tap into the joy of the Lord.

The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty;

he will save,

he will rejoice over thee with joy;

he will rest in his love,

he will joy over thee with singing. Zephaniah 3:17

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Gail Johnson's faith and family play a significant role in her life. She has a passion to serve others. Her career spans 30 plus years in serving many. Her goal is to enrich, empower and embrace lives. Enrich the lives of the reader through the words written on the tablet of their heart, and to add greater value and significance, by learning life's lessons. Empower the reader to dream and to write those dreams in a journal, and develop a plan of action. Embrace life's journey and experiences thereby defining your uniqueness to share with the world. As always I am sending you blue skies.

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  1. I am a writer of Christian poems and novels. I have a deep belief in the Holy Spirit that I see walks closely with you also. I enjoyed every word of your blog. Keep writing, keep professing His goodness and His mercy that we will never deserve. As you said, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.” Love in Christ. Doris H. Dancy

  2. Gail may this be a year of release and prosperity for you. May your beautiful words embrace the hearts of those who need to read them – love you sister Gail

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