Relaunch & Rebranding the dream Waiting in the Wings Series

Hey, for those who haven’t met me! I’d like to introduce myself! I am the author of the Waiting in the Wings Series…. My name is Gail Johnson and I am excited, thrilled, and humbled to relaunch Waiting in the Wings; Book 1. And Waiting in the Wings: The Decision was made in 72 hours;Continue reading “Relaunch & Rebranding the dream Waiting in the Wings Series”

Lifestyle Change: Follow up, Olivia’s Quest: The Question?

What is your agenda? Ask yourself this important question. This is important to know what inspires you to make the lifestyle change. Now whatever the reason is, be sure that you can look in the mirror and accept your real. In other words your reality. Olivia’s quest was simply to always wear a size 8Continue reading “Lifestyle Change: Follow up, Olivia’s Quest: The Question?”

Lifestyle Change: Olivia’s quest for fitness or her quest for acceptance

She held her breath and made sure the scale was credible. She closed her eyes
and stepped on the scale. Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked at the
numbers—she had gained a whole pound! She maintained her cool and begin
devising her action plan—to cut out sugar, bread and salt of her diet and increase her
water intake. She also decided to run at least 5 miles a day and incorporate weight
lifting. When it came to her appearance, she did not do denial but always was ready
for reality checks..
Live got dressed with urgency. She made her way to the door of their suite
and grabbed a bottle of water on her way towards the elevator. She forgot to enjoy
her morning and never paid any attention to the beautiful view of the hotel as she
rode the glass elevator to the 2nd floor. Live was on a mission and forgot her key
card. She did not want to go back to their suite..
Live was determined to keep every unnecessary inch off of her 5’ 9” frame by
any means possible. As the elevator made its descent, Live began stretching with
focus and purpose. She was in a zone and nothing would stand in her way, not even
the night. Olivia headed for the streets planning to hit the pavement to burn up some miles.

Hey! Lifestyle change.. On vacation?

Hello all…… I know I haven’t chatted with you in a few days. Yes I was flying beneath the radar. So I was a part of the Hydration Nation totally on board. I was having great success. Drinking my gallon of water each day. I was feeling good and feeling inspired. i had cut outContinue reading “Hey! Lifestyle change.. On vacation?”